Business consultations: profitability consulting and mentorship

The evaluation of strategic management consulting services

Faced with highly competitive markets, where the role and accessibility of information and of services is increasingly contributing to the competitive advantage of companies, advisory services can constitute the interface between the SME, its local environment, its market and its suppliers. They represent an “intelligent” infrastructure for these companies, whose importance is growing in the game of competition. 

This need is a unifying point between theorists, practitioners, users of advice and institutional actors.  Several analyzes and works in economic disciplines and management testify to this, as well as the consideration by national policies and the need to promote the establishment of  information infrastructures and services that complement the internal skills of small and medium companies. But the growing interest in consultancy services which contribute positively to improving the performance of small and medium companies raises a fundamental question: what concepts and measures are appropriate to assess the contributions of consultants in management? 

This question is particularly important when assessing the performance of strategic management consulting, a field of intervention in which the effects of the measures taken are not, a priori, objectively measurable. In this sense, our approach to the evaluation of the consultant’s work is based on the idea that the consultant’s role in small-to-medium companies is twofold: to facilitate change in  the organization, then enrich and develop the leader’s reference patterns.

This is manifested, of course, by an increase in the general degree of adaptability of the company to changes, but also and above all by an evolution of the capacity adaptation of the manager to handle new situations, with new concepts and methods suitable for the overall management of his business. It is therefore in particular around these considerations that we believe should be undertaken development of consultant evaluation methods and criteria.

Consultations of Pierre Basson

Whether you are a business creator, manager of a multinational or company, HR Director, liberal profession, head of an association, or a trader – whatever your profession or status, you need the business consultations of Pierre Basson, or a mentorship for the experts in your company’s department. He is the one who brings you listening, availability and openness in addition to his expertise, than an advisor only an employee with a large structure cannot bring you. 

Consulting is a real alternative. We have all the skills and tools of an international cabinet but with the availability and especially the proximity of a national level.

The organization created to support the business manager throughout the life of his business either for accounting issues (establishment of accounting documents, keeping of the accounting, control of company accounts, preparation of provisional budgets, etc.), tax (annual declaration of results, VAT, etc.), social (establishment of payroll and declarations social, human resources management), legal (assistance in the choice of form, the constitution of company, the legal secretariat, the preparation of amending acts, …), and management consulting (business plan, dashboard, budget monitoring, financial analysis, costing analysis, etc.)

Consulting services aimed to business partnership

“Business consultations services” of Pierre Basson offers management control consulting services. The vocation of the firm and its lead is to support companies in their projects to improve their organization and their profitability. Business consulting as the partner on which business leaders can lean on the implementation of operational solutions, in response to questions following:

* Which of the different activities of my business are profitable and which ones are less so?

* How to set up the “management control” function in my company?

* What can such a function bring me? Which formula to adopt?

* How to benefit from the expertise of an “à la carte” management control director?

* What tools to put in place so that each manager has a real dashboard of its activity?

* How to optimize the flow and processing of different documents (invoices suppliers…)?

* What levers should be used to improve the profitability of my business over time?

Working business mentorship methodology is distinguished by:

* Respect for customers’ wishes and the confidentiality of data and information


* The implementation of simple, operational, result-oriented solutions, regular monitoring adapted to the situation, 

* Total transparency and independence in terms of choice of tools and investments.